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China MCC Wins the "Best Listed Company" Award of the 12th China Securities Golden Bauhinia
CopyFrom: Date:21 December 2022
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  On December 20, the 12th Hong Kong International Financial Forum and China Securities Golden Bauhinia Awards Ceremony was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. The theme of the "Golden Bauhinia Award" series of activities of China Securities was "Cohesion in the new era, leading to a new chapter". More than 300 guests, including officials of the political and business circles of the mainland and Hong Kong, senior executives of domestic and foreign securities companies, investment institutions, listed companies in the mainland and Hong Kong, and heads of venture capital institutions, attended the meeting. Li Jiachao, Chief Executive of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, attended the meeting and delivered a speech by video. With its standardized corporate governance, excellent business performance, remarkable brand image, and comprehensive performance in epidemic prevention, green environmental protection and other social public welfare undertakings in recent years, China MCC was recommended by the Golden Bauhinia Organizing Committee and recognized by the expert review and advisory group, won the 12th Golden Bauhinia "Best Listed Company" award together with 10 excellent enterprises such as CNPC, Sinopec and the PSBC. This award is the 11th consecutive year that the company has won the honorary title of "Golden Bauhinia Award".

  "Golden Bauhinia Award" of China Securities is a professional selection activity jointly organized by Hong Kong Ta Kung Wen Wei Media Group Limited and the Listed Companies Association of Beijing, Chinese Financial Association of Hong Kong, Chinese Securities Association of Hong Kong and other institutions. Since its establishment in 2011, the "Golden Bauhinia Award" has become an important development direction for domestic and foreign capital markets to pay attention to the development of listed companies in China as the largest, highest level, and most credible listed companies in two places. In recent years, MCC has adhered to the strategic positioning of "being the world"s first-class national team of metallurgical construction, the vanguard of capital construction, and the leader of emerging industries, and persisting in high-tech and high-quality innovative development" for a long time. With its excellent business performance and outstanding market performance, it is deeply concerned and praised by the capital market. And it has won various honorary awards of the Golden Bauhinia Award for many times, and has continuously improved the influence and brand image of domestic and foreign capital markets.




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